Are you looking to volunteer for a charity? Do you need college credit that you can’t get by simply volunteering? Why not combine the two in a volunteer internship? Here at, you will volunteer your services in exchange for college credit and useful experience to add to your resume.

We specialize in a much-needed kind of volunteer internship—technical support for charities. Every charity has IT needs, and few of them can afford much professional help. Your role as a volunteer intern is simple—to provide the help they need to keep operating. It is just as necessary a role as that of any other volunteer, and it utilizes specialized skills that too few volunteers have. The technical skills you offer and hone through a volunteer internship with us are invaluable to our partner charities.

Because of the nature of these internships, you will work from your home or dorm room. However, you will still have plenty of contact with the charity. The connections you build while providing technical services can be very useful later in finding work. You may also find additional ways to volunteer for them and help them accomplish their mission. Volunteering doesn’t just feel great, it opens doors that will make your future a happy one.

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